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It is common knowledge ”it is not what you know but WHO you know” and after years of international travel and establishing the best relationships with cruise lines, hotels and tour companies, Vue du Monde Travel has all the right connections and skills through experiences. At Vue du Monde Travel YOU will be the VIP.


At Vue du Monde Travel we focus on tailoring any journey to meet individual needs and expectations.


Whilst our specialty is cruising we are also dedicated to booking unique, exotic destinations and luxury places.  We are devoted to assisting you make your dream holiday a reality.


With Vue du Monde Travel you will SEE DIFFERENT!



Cruising is the most comfortable and convenient way to see the world. From luxury vessel, ocean liner or on a intimate barge, you can be confident Vue du Monde Travel will find the right cruise meeting all what you are wishing for!



Looking for something different and feel excited about your next holidays? Consider the selections out of the ordinary that Vue du Monde Travel recommends.




Life is full of surprises so have a look at some incredible specials that Vue du Monde Travel has selected for you.



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