For travellers who want to see the world without compromising on accommodation. From bespoke to all-inclusive luxury, Vue du Monde Travel can guide and find the perfect itinerary and cruise ship for you. Offering the best of both worlds; transportation, adventure, and unforgettable views, plus relaxing in the comfort of your private balconies, luxury bedding, butler service, gourmet restaurants, and indulgent spas.  The Vue du Monde Travel portfolio ranges from mega ocean liners to boutique ships, expeditions vessels, riverboats, yachts and even barges.

No matter how you set sail, let’s count the ways a cruise will float your boat and SEE DIFFERENT!


Luxury Cruising

Luxury cruises are the most comfortable and convenient way to see the world. Ships are usually smaller in size so the ratio of crew to guests is higher than other cruise ships, offering that premium service and attention to detail. Passengers are often repeats customers as they are confident on the quality they will receive on their cruise.

Ocean Cruising

This option is general cruising for all type of travellers seeking a fun and enjoyable cruise holidays. There is so much choices for entertainment, dining options that you may not have time to do or see it all! The ship size is getting bigger every year.

Expeditions / Adventures Cruising

For the most selective and active travellers who have already travelled extensively and looking to expend their cruise adventure. Passengers can encounter wildlife in the remote locations. Tenders or zodiacs are commonly used.

River Cruising

River cruising is similar than a coach tour without having to pack and unpack while getting close and personal with the locals. It is ideal style cruising to relax and discover small towns.

Yachting / Boutique / Tallship Cruising

Yachting and Tallship cruising are for the discerning travellers who have already travelled extensively and looking to participate in the ship dynamic while enjoying their cruise holiday. Often you will discover cities that larger cruise ships can't access.

Barges Cruising

From self-drive or crewed canal barges, travellers will live the best and most peaceful regional experiences, gazing breathtaking sceneries and impressive monuments.